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Five steps to measuring your kids for new shoes

A simple shoe fitting guide from intu Milton Keynes you can do at home.

As the summer rolls on and many parents begin preparing their children to go back to school in September, shopping for new shoes will be a different experience this year.

Getting the right size of shoe to fit your child is incredibly important and with social distancing in place, parents may feel more comfortable taking measurements themselves.

intu Milton Keynes has created a simple step-by-step guide of how to measure your child’s feet, before setting off to the shops, and your little one can have fun helping too.

These simple steps will help give a really accurate measure of your little one’s feet and help your chosen store find the perfect fit.

Step 1:

Take an A4 piece of paper, lay it portrait and draw a straight line right down the middle, from top the bottom.

Step 2:

Position the piece of paper on a hard-flat surface, with the shorter edge up against a wall.

Step 3:

Place their heel against the wall with their longest toe and heel centred on the line that you have drawn. Mark the paper on the line at the tip of longest toe and measure the distance between the end of the paper and the toe mark in centimetres. Remember to do this for both feet in case they differ.

Step 4:

To measure the width of your child’s feet, make two marks either side of the widest part of each foot, and measure the gap in-between.

Step 5:

Take all measurements into store and ask the experts to help you match the measurements to the ideal shoe size, with the help of their store size guide.

Top tip:

For the most accurate measure, wait until the end of the day when your child’s feet are typically at their largest, measure when wearing socks (if appropriate) and ensure that your child is standing perfectly upright at all times.

Footwear retailers with excellent kids’ shoe ranges at intu Milton Keynes include Schuh and Charles Clinkard, which is home to their own brand, Clarks and more.

Visit www.schuh.co.uk and www.charlesclinkard.co.uk for shoe size guides.